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Last updated 26th  November  2008

CCY/CCJ news update


I was very pleased to hear that the ccy/ccj members have now voted to go to the Sandcastle Water Park at Blackpool. I have now had some time to get some quotes off the internet as to what it would cost, it will be as follows:
standard rate        14+   10.75     jnr (6-13yrs) 8.75     child (2-5)  6.75
groups 10-19                  9.13                            7.43                       5.73
            20-49                  8.60                            7.00                       5.40 
These prices are excluding the Hyperzone. To include the Hyperzone the prices are as follows:
standard rate        14+ 14.00      jnr (6-13yrs) 11.50    child (2-5) 10.50
groups 10-19                11.90                           9.77                       8.92
             20-49               11.20                           9.20                       8.40
Can anyone who has been to the sandcastle please let us know if the Hyperzone is worth paying the extra cost. We will be hoping to arrange the day out in February next year, so can I please have some numbers as to who would attend. If you require anymore information please contact the internet for details.  
On another note can I please thank everybody who made Lower Whitley, a yet again fantastic weekend,  from getting everything ready on Saturday with the hall the tables, the decorations, the food, the presents, the entertainment, Krazy Kris and our own Lauren Smith. The CCY for looking after the CCJ in the afternoon at dancing (HOPE YOU MADE A FEW NOTES UNCLE LES) and especially the parents for bringing the kids out.
Over the weekend we had Verity raising youth funds with guess the amount of jelly babies in a box which raised a fantastic 35.50. There was 197 jelly babies in the box which was correctly guessed by Alan Kendrick well done Alan.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas