Chairman's page

I am very happy to welcome you to the new website of Liverpool and South West Lancashire DA after months of planning.  It's not as easy as some people think, unless you have nothing else to do all day!

LSWLDA has a fascinating history, originally formed in 1921, and although it feels as if I have been around since the beginning our family has only been around for 54 of the DA's 86 years.

My family have had a long association with the DA, my father being President, Chairman and at one time Secretary.  In my loft I have an old minute book where you will find one set of minutes written by myself when only a child, I seem to recall my dad had broken an arm so I had to do the writing.   My mum, whilst never on Committee, became the DA's second President and was still a member until her passing a couple of years ago.   I even had two uncles on the DA Committee.

My elder brother John met his wife in the CCY, I met Tracey in the CCY and our eldest son Adrian met his wife in the CCY, the DA has a lot to answer for!

Tracey and I went on to become Secretary and Chairman of the CCY Committee and both have had extensive careers in the Club.

Tracey is currently your DA Representative to Regional Council as well as the Region's Social Co-ordinator, whilst I have been DA Chairman twice, Regional Chairman three times and Club Chairman 1997-1999, Chairman of two National Feast of Lanterns and I am still a Director of the Club having been on the National Council for 25 years.

I hope to be able to add a DA history to this website and would welcome any input to it as I am sure there are just as many interesting stories of our members out there as there are of my family.

I wonder what some of the members of yesteryear would make of the ability of news of our DA to reach every corner of the globe in a matter of seconds via this site?  Long gone are the long nights of getting 'Insite' straight out after a Committee meeting.

Use this website for up to date information, as a resource but talk to everyone through it.  Make it alive with your stories, your ideas and yes your criticisms if you think the Committee are getting it wrong.

I am sure you can see how much our DA means to myself and my family, it is quite simply our life, but always remember that Liverpool and South West Lancashire DA is more important than any one person or group of people, and no matter what people try to do to disrupt it or use it to foster their own ideals, it will continue to be one of the eldest and best DA's in the Club long after we have all gone.  

Enjoy this site, enjoy your camping, and enjoy YOUR DA.

Les French
Chairman, Liverpool and South West Lancashire District Association