Llangollen THS is open until Tuesday 1/9 not as previously stated Monday 31/8. This enables you to avoid the Bank Holiday traffic!

Liverpool & South West Lancs DA – Llangollen Temporary Holiday Site

In order to protect both members and volunteer Stewards we must implement a number of changes to normal procedures to ensure that everyone is both safe and confident at all times and to comply with Club and Central Government requirements.

Necessary contact will be minimal, 2m+ social distancing will be observed in order to protect everyone present. 

Camping will be conditional on compliance with all safety procedures. 

No one exhibiting symptoms will be admitted to site. Anyone exhibiting symptoms during there stay will be asked to notify the steward and go home. 

Arrival on site will be STRICTLY limited to between 11am and 6pm. (8pm Fridays). 

SITE OPENS 12 NOON on 7th August

There will be a one way system in operation in some areas.

Booking in will be performed in a separate dedicated tent and members will be requested to wait to be invited forward.  Hand sanitiser etc., will be available.

Membership cards must be shown for all adults. These must be placed on the designated area for Stewards to check without the requirement for handling.

Fees must be paid on arrival (£10per unit night) tendering the exact amount to minimise transfer. 

Members will be required to fill in a ‘Track and Trace’  registration document. This will require completion of; Name of each adult, membership number(s), Contact phone number, Destination on leaving. Please use the space on the rear for additional name details.

These documents will be kept for 28 days after the end of the meet, then shredded and will only be utilised should there be a requirement for ‘Track and Trace’ in the event of a positive infection.


Pens will be provided which will be sanitised before an after use.

Adults are recommended to sanitise the Fresh water point prior to use. It is recommended that gloves are worn when using the Fresh water point. 

Only 1 person may enter the designated area around the Elsan point at any time.

Water taps and the Elsan emptying areas will be regularly sanitised.

Any rubbish disposed of must be in sealed plastic bags. Every attempt must be made to minimise the bulk of waste disposed of e.g., flattening cardboard etc. You may be required to remove and dispose of your own none-compliant waste.

There will be no Coffee Mornings and no hand-outs to minimise any risk of transmission.

Intermingling with other campers must comply with relevant Welsh government guidelines, a copy of which is with the Stewards.

With these few minimal precautions we hope to be able to carry on virtually as normal providing people observe the social distancing rules and common sense. 

Campers must still all comply, however, with whatever rules are in force in Wales as to gathering group sizes and intermingling in each others units and follow Stewards’ instructions in full.


  1. Nice to see you will be open at Llangollen. Many thanks !
    We as OAP campers who have been isolating since March 4th, really appreciate the chance to get away
    to Llangollen which we really enjoy.
    It will be good to get on the bikes again!
    We look forward to seeing you.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Could you please tell me do you have to book this site.We would love to come along to the camping and caravan temporary site.

    1. Hi Sandra, there is no need to book as there should be plenty of space, so we are not operating a booking service. Cheers and have a great time with us, Les.

  3. You say site opens at 12 noon on 7th, but arrivals Strictly between 11.00am and 6.00pm. Can I arrive at 11.00am on the 7th? thanks.

    1. THS opens at noon on Friday 7th and arrivals permitted until 8 pm on Friday. After that site opens to arrivals at 11am each day until 6pm except subsequent Fridays which allow arrivals until 8pm.

      Hence Strictly No admittance until site allowed to open at noon on 7th

  4. Glad you’re doing a ths at llangollen, thanks a lot, see you there fri afternoon. Frank and Elaine . ( North Staffs DA )

  5. Hi there
    I am looking to come along and join you for the bank holiday weekend 28/8-31/8 do i need to book

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