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2nd          Ryan Chandley and Bella Yates
5th           Anne Evans
8th           Joyce Carr
11th         Jamie Barnes and Heather Bennett
14th         Michael Meehan
16th         Jimmy Thorbinson and James Kane and Janet Chappell
17th         Des Chappell
18th         Ann Thompson
24th         Michael Barnes and Jack McManus
27th         Callum Holcroft


1st          Aimee Holcroft
6th          Ian Chandley
9th          Jennifer Chandley
12th        Christopher Chandley
14th        Roy Hall
15th        Nicola Goulden
19th        Laura Gatti
23rd        Dave Smith
25th        Ray Lee, Ann Lyth and John Kane
26th        Darren Lee


1st         Jimmy Blackwood
2nd        Hannah Dainty
10th       Jeff Evans
12th       Georgia Holcroft
14th       Stephen Lyon
17th       Caitlin Henderson
20th       Mary Lamb and Alec Henderson
25th       Richard Spencer Jack Maxwell and Chris Jones
26th       Josh Lyth
29th       Sylv Chandley
30th       Rita Goldthorpe


3rd         Phil Bladen and Allison Johnson
6th         Lynne Spencer
8th         Dot Meehan
9th         Adam McMillian
10th       Marie Barnes and Denise Kee
13th       Pat Lyth
16th       Tracey Newby
23rd       George Bennett
29th       Julie Edwards and Alan Dainty



3rd          Mike Lucas
7th          June Masding
8th          Matthew Johnson
9th          Adam McMillian and John Holcroft aka Elvis - 65 in 2012.
10th        Mabs
15th        Kath Blackwood
16th        Olive Boulton
18th        Jaymi Court
19th        Terri Sykes
21st        Damian Holcroft
22nd       Matthew Forfar and Elsa Whalley-Smith
25th        Craig Seymour
26th        Dennis Shacklady
28th        Linda Robinson and Bernard Callaghan
31st        Alex Aitken


3rd          Mandy Court
5th          Sue Smith
14th        Luke Henderson
16th        Joanne Chandley and Rod Cunningham
17th        Sarah Chandley and June Hall
18th        Luke Kane
19th        Lesley Chandley
23rd        Ryan Moulton
27th        Georgia Whalley-Smith
29th        Verity Dainty and Angie Palmer


3rd          Matthew Henderson
5th          Hannah Meehan
6th          Sheryl Holcroft
8th          Robert Riley
12th        Jordan Birchall
15th        Jeff Barnes
19th        Nicola Henderson
21st        Andy Spencer
26th        Simon Kee and Sonja Phillips
28th        Ronnie Cubbins
31st        Lorna Aitken


6th          Andrew Johnson
10th        Muriel Harrison
11th        Bernie Gatti, Pauline Aitken, and Shelby and Macala Thorbinson
13th        Ian Hill
15th        Debbie Holcroft
23rd        Tracey French
26th        Beryl Holland
28th        David Whardale
31st        Matthew Dainty, Kath Whalley and Elaine Maxwell


3rd          Oliver Kee
4th          Les French
5th          Sue Green
6th          Gerard Maxwell
7th          Marina Seymour
9th          Tanya Lyth
13th        Celia Lee
15th        Lauren Smith
16th        Suzanne Neale and Lucy Newby
17th        Conor Thorbinson
19th        Jessie Fishwick
22nd       Norman Whalley
23rd        Zoey and Jake Thorbinson
27th        Stuart Riley
30th        Craig Punshon


4th         Mary Lee and Simon Yates
6th         Tom Carr
11th       Lily Meehan
12th       Jackie Meehan and Lynne Bennett
14th       Lisa Gatti
15th       Sylvia Riley and Alfie McManus
16th       Vincent Whardale
18th       Georgia Chandley
19th       Julie Whardale and Julie Kane
21st       Alan Kendrick
24th       Alan Newby and Chris Bladen
26th       Ken Hall
29th       Katie Punshon and Emily Maxwell
31st       Mike Lamb


2nd         Mark Lyth
3rd          Andy Birchall
5th          Jan Gatti
7th          Joanne Meehan
12th        Janine Fisher
13th        Alice Smith
15th        Olivia McManus
17th         Vic Riley
22nd        Peter Holland
28th         Megan Roper and John Clarke


8th          Liam Holcroft
10th        Martin Spencer
11th        Ross Newby
12th        Barbara Sanders
13th        Chris Johnson
14th        Cath Punshon and Stephen Harrison
16th        Anthony Holcroft
17th        Julie Whalley-Smith and Adam Holcroft
18th        Nicky Yates
21st        Michaela Hill
24th        Wally Lyth
27th        Thomas Hill
28th        Angela Goulden






If anyone would like their birthdays added to this page please send us an email via the usual address lswlda@aol.com with the name and date of the members birthday you would like added.     Many thanks.