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Last updated 10th September 2012

Hi and welcome to our  'on-line' issue of Insite magazine.  We are hoping to include all our stewards rally reports in here, as well as a small number of photos from each rally, jokes, etc so please continue to send them in to us at our usual DA email address lswlda@aol.com.  Many thanks.

Could stewards from the following meets please send me their Insite reports so they can be displayed on this page and a full record kept?  Thanks.

Whittingham and Goosnaugh 31st August - 2nd September 2012

Units:  9
Steward:  Paul Cooke

Thanks to Paul Cooke for stewarding at short notice.

9 units in attendance were rewarded with some good weather,

A quiet weekend with most opting for a few drinks in the club and an opportunity for some sports be it watching the football, playing snooker or darts in the club or joining a game of bowls on Saturday afternoon. Plenty of scope for walks around Goosnargh or a visit to Preston for the Guild festivities.

                         Martin Parker

Llangollen THS - 10th August 2012

Units:  57
Stewards:  Martin and Lil with Ian and Lesley and Norman and Kath

Well the new site by the river was a great success. The views across the river from one end of the site were superb.
(If you were up early you could watch them fly fishing for salmon in the river.)

We had no issues with security at all. The field was firm even after heavy rain - it was easy to see why the grass was so lush. 

57 units attended with visitors from DAs far and wide.

All enjoyed some great weather - but the worst day was the stewards' day off when we got soaked for 3 hours up on the hills.

It is just as easy to walk to LLangollen for the pubs and shops and other attractions and even closer to the Sun Inn at Trevor.
Some people enjoyed the narrow boat rides on the canal and the trips on the steam trains or just the great countryside.

A big thanks to Kath and Norman for stewarding to give us a couple of days off and for Ian and Lesley taking over for the last days.

                             Martin Parker



Rossett - 20th-22nd July 2012

Units: 13
Stewards: Peter and Pam Rigby

Arrived  to find the field surprisingly dry after all the recent rain, although the grass was a little on the long side, better that though than trailing wet cut grass into your unit.

Friday was fine and dry and the field soon welcomed the first campers, who were a little distraught as they had been searching "for two hours" according to one driver, looking for rally signs, my fault, as I was working till 12.30pm so was a little late getting there, anyway they could claim that they now have first hand knowledge of the area and wont get lost again!!!!!

Friday evening several campers took advantage of the superb hospitality of the local pub "The Griffin".

Saturday was dry bright and warm to hot all day, as was Sunday.

Remember my little piece after St.Georges Day about who really is the Patron Saint of England? One visiting member flew the flag of St. Edmund and was surprised that someone else knew the story!!


We  had 13 units out camping, 3 units from visiting DAs, small numbers for this beautiful large flat field, in an area with plenty to see and things to do, and a very well stocked public house in walking distance.


Best regards.

Peter and Pam Rigby


Lansdowne Farm - 10th-12th May 2012

Units - 8
Stewards: Beryl and Peter Holland





            PETER & BERYL

May Day Bank Holiday at Ruthin - 4th-7th May 2012

Units: 50+
Stewards: Jan and C4UPhil

After over a week of torrential rain there were fears we would unable to camp unless we brought our own kayaks and stuff.  The stream had overflowed and everywhere was soaking wet.

However, after borrowing a friend's little trailer and lugging both marquees out on Thursday I was pleasantly surprised to find the field surprisingly dry and solid.  Ok, the stream was huge and very fast flowing, but being the optimists we are, we were looking forward to the fastest muckyduck race in history.

Friday dawned bright and sunny, and members started arriving shortly after 12noon, some of them had experienced very interesting journeys to site on account of me not having any signs etc until later on in the day, but they took it all in good humour and let me off, as long as I let them win the muckyduck race - oh yeah!!!!!!!1

The field was soon filling up, which meant lots of muscles borrowed to built the two marquees, it was up in record time, well done everyone.

Saturday members were still arriving for most of the morning and afternoon.

Lots of us disappeared into Ruthin trawling through the delightful shops and just generally having a good look around.

In the afternoon it was time for our annual Youth Carnival.   Lots of stalls started appearing, well done to everyone who brought their stalls, and also well done to everyone who spent lots of money winning lots of prizes and just generally having a great time, which raised lots of money for our CCY.

Saturday evening we were entertained by Uncle Les and his fabulous disco - he also completely baffled a lot of us with his music quiz, my crew, June, Alan and Tracey, almost won - well we were only one point behind the three winners but Bungle of course beat the other two in the quiz-off.  What else can we expect????

Sunday we held our coffee morning, it was lovely to see so many people up bright and early, when lots of you won fantastic prizes in the raffle.

After that it was time for our annual Mucky Duck race.   The water in the stream had calmed down a bit by then, but was still quite fast, which meant lots of fun and anxiety for the poor little ducks, I'm sure they've never swam so fast in their lives!!!

Sunday evening was once again spent in the marquees with another great disco by Uncle Les, some of us collected our prize money won by our brilliant little speedy ducks.   We had another game of Higher and Lower on the cards, more fun and laughter before off to bed just after 11pm.

Monday we were promised torrential rain.  Well we had the odd number of showers, and of course this happened along with strong winds as our ever willing helpers who had managed to drag themselves out of bed were trying to put the marquees to bed in the little trailer, but they all managed in the end.

After that it was time to pack up and set off for home, with many fond memories of yet another fabulous May Day Bank Holiday Weekend at Ruthin.


Herons Nest - 27th-29th April 2012       Herons Nest


Units:  15
Stewards: Martin and Lil

Well.. the weather forecast was lousy with changeable and lots of rain forecast all through the weekend. It wasn't all wrong.

The Stewards arrived just in time to set up for 12 noon and the sky was bright.......

We waited a long time for the first campers to arrive about 3pm.

Sadly by the time more people started to arrive the rain started.

On Saturday we woke to a gloriously bright day and the blue battled its way through.
We enjoyed some warm sun and at worst it clouded over - no rain whatsoever!
With the breeze the field started to dry out and some people had a BBQ.
Liverpool and Everton both had good wins and all was good in the world.

On Sunday the rain and winds started back with a vengeance.
It was cold and 'orrible-but it was time to go home anyway and no-one had left their awning up overnight to get soaked.

Our advice is to ignore the forecasts-just do it- if you don't go you miss the good bits !!

                 Martin and Lil


St Georges Day - 20th-22nd April 2012           St Georges Day

Units:       26
Steward: Jan

26 units braved the promised torrential rain and thunderstorms to camp this weekend and what happened???
it turned out lovely and sunny and dry which meant we were able to sit outside and enjoy our games on the field
on Saturday afternoon - thanks to everyone for organising, helping and taking part.  We couldn't manage it
without you.   Some members who for various reasons were unable to camp with us still came out on Saturday to

Saturday evening we held our traditional St Georges Day disco, which George, even though it was his birthday,
ran for most of the evening, with a little bit of help towards the end by apprentices Matty and Jake.    We also enjoyed
yummy free hotdogs thanks to Bernie, Christine and Lynne.   We missed Auntie Tracey's quiz because unfortunately
she was in France, but I'm sure she'll be back with a vengence for our Ruthin rally........   however, Bernie and George's
bingo had us all in stitches as usual and left two members very very rich.

Sunday we didn't think we would be able to hold a coffee morning to give out the prizes for the raffle as the much promised
rain arrived overnight, but by 10.30am the sun was shining again (for a short while at least) so we gathered outside
George and Lynne's caravan for another much needed chatter and gave out some fabulous raffle prizes to delighted

All in all another great weekend, can't wait for our next rally ..........




St. Anne's Cricket Club - 23rd-25th March      St Annes

Units: 35
Stewards: Martin and Lil Parker

St Annes Cricket Club is a great venue- a club on site and easy walk to the dog friendly beach and St Annes town centre.
When you have 3 days with 20oC weather in March it is fantastic.
This was a laid back weekend with no organised entertainment...( except for some mysterious antics on Saturday afternoon which may be a rehearsal for great things to come at a meet in the near future). As long as we arrange sun like this nothing else is needed.
35 units were out and all enjoyed sitting out, BBQs and what felt like the start of summer.On Sunday it was hard to leave...
We look forward to going back later in the year for our "Illuminations Meet".

                   Martin and Lil Parker



Lower Whitley - 16-18th March          Lower Whitley

Units: 15
Stewards: Jan Bonnie and Maya

Once again a fine weekend.  When I arrived on Friday afternoon the sun was shining, the site was dotted with daffodils, making it very bright and cheerful.

There was ample hard-standing, which approximately half our members took advantage of, the rest of us preferring the grass.  Nobody got stuck in any mud this weekend, a great achievement.

Thirteen units arrived on Friday, and after me adding up 'the books' mid morning on Saturday I soon learnt my lesson as another two members arrived.

During the afternoon on Saturday Auntie Christine helped our younger members make Mothers Day cards and little presents, showing what amazing artistic talent our children have.

I'd asked everyone to dress in green, and I wasn't disappointed, we had lots of leprechauns big and small and lots of silly green hats.  They danced, chattered and laughed the night away in good style.

Little Jake had a birthday today, and his mum brought us loads of St Patricks Day decorations and birthday banners, which we put to good use in the hall.  Bungle brought us his Guinness banner which Uncle George hung from the ceiling.  We had a huge Jacobs Table combined with Jake's birthday party food so were very well fed.

Uncle George kept us going all night with some fabulous Irish music, in between my Irish Quiz, a game of traditional bingo, and a game of stand-up bingo where Peter insisted on trying to auction off his raffle ticket because his number hadn't come up.  Unfortunately for him nobody bid on it, and he was soon out.  Nice try Peter.   We also had our first game of Play Your Cards Right which was great fun.

The evening soon came to an end, thanks to everyone for helping clean the hall and put away the tables and chairs, and to those who took their rubbish away with them, oh and thanks to those who took the remaining rubbish home with them!

Sunday we had a well attended coffee morning with an interesting raffle, I'd asked everyone to bring a raffle prize and most people obliged.  Thanks everyone.

......... and so ended another great weekend, great company and a great location.   Can't wait till next time.

                                                                     Jan and zoo!!!


Elm Cottage - 2nd-4th March 2012        Elm Cottage                            


Units: 33       
Stewards: Jan Bonnie and new puppy Maya                                       

We were lucky to find the weather mild, dry and sunny when we arrived on Friday morning, which continued all through the day.  Members were soon arriving, and those that wanted electric managed, although one member's cable was too short so I walked into the next field to see if I could borrow an extension off the site owner, who willingly obliged - only for us to discover it wasn't the owner at all, he was a complete stranger who looked like the owner!!!  Oh well, you don't get if you don't ask and it gave us a good laugh!

On Saturday afternoon we held a mini car boot sale, where members brought along an amazing array of 'stuff' they wanted to pass on to other intrepid 'stuff' collectors.  Many of us went away with a bargain or two, but poor Stuart didn't manage to sell even one item, despite leaving them with me to sell for him whilst he and June disappeared for the afternoon, so if anyone wants a satellite dish or spare wheel for their caravan, an aerial, a bamboo seat with cushion on top, four round cushions, a china doll and snow shaker thingie they know who to contact...................

We opened up the hall at 6pm so people could contribute food to the Jacobs Table and eat it at tea time instead of cooking tea, an idea which seemed to go down well, judging by the vast array of delicious dishes that appeared.  There were three birthday cakes - Liam, Hannah and Sophie who all celebrated birthdays this weekend and were embarrassed by the whole hall singing "Happy Birthday" to them.

We enjoyed three games of bingo, one traditional and two stand-up, four members leaving a lot richer than when they stepped into the hall.   Many thanks to Bernie and George for providing the entertainment for this.  Tony was a bit disappointed that we didn't hold a fourth game just for him so he could win his diesel money home - hope he's managed to find the funds to leave by now.....

We then held our pound raffle, nobody was disappointed with their 'prize' - it's amazing what you can find in your local pound shop - good and bad as some may tell you.

After all this excitement lots of dancing filled up the rest of the evening - thanks to George for providing the music.

A huge thank you must go to the 'clean-up-crew' who stayed behind when everyone had left for the evening to clean up the hall and rearrange the tables.  Verity discovered a new friend 'Henry', nobody else was allowed near him until he was put to bed -  you did a brilliant job Verity, you can come again!!!

A huge bonus this year was the site owners had provided bins for us to put all our rubbish in, and we were allowed to use the new centrally heated toilet block whilst we were using the hall on Saturday evening.

As it had rained a lot on Saturday night/early Sunday morning the site owner offered to tow any un-4x4cars and caravans off the field to save any damage, but I didn't see anyone having any problems, and the usual generous 4x4 owners towed a lot of cars and motorhomes off.  Hopefully we didn't make too much mess getting off. Many thanks to everyone who helped.

All in all a great weekend with great company.