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Last updated 4thSeptember  2017


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You will find numerous changes to our website, ie instead of a link for each year's rally photos, all the old photo pages have been deleted, as was advised giving everyone the chance to download them over two years ago both on here and in AGM reportss, and now the link will take you to our Flickr page where you can find all rally photos on the main page, which will be updated as soon as I receive photos from each rally, plus as asked for at our recent AGM, it would be appreciated if our hard working stewards could include a small note on any activities etc that were enjoyed on their meet, similar to those submitted in our old Insite magazine.  Thanks.


Steward Signs (again) If anyone is holding any of our steward signs could we PLEASE have them back, as these are now in extremely short supply and members need to know where we are etc. They can be handed to any of our Committee as most of us live on Merseyside, these can then be passed on to our stewards.  Many thanks.  

We would like to remind members to please NOT contact rally sites directly, to always contact either the stewards, Martin, or any member of your Committee with any questions you may have.  Also, members are not to contact the site owners requesting electricity in advance, this is only to be done on site, once you have booked in with the stewards,  please do not arrive on site before 12 noon to allow the stewards to set up their own units and prepare the site ready. Thanks.

A quick reminder to all our members, as per Club policy, all members must show their membership cards when booking onto site, in addition to any visitors also giving their names and registration numbers to the stewards. Also a CCY member may be asked to show their membership card on arrival especially if unknown to the Steward and they appear to be over 18yrs old. 

Steward sheets - Could our stewards please make sure our Treasurer Jeff Evans is passed the steward sheets and funds from meets as soon as possible. 

We are always looking for suggestions from our members for themed meets, or even just 'ordinary' meets, what you would like to see and do, and any help you will need as well as any new places you have camped at that you think would make a great new DA rally site.   We would also be extremely grateful for help at our many meets, even just something as simple as handing out 'whats on' sheets, siting units, selling raffle tickets, helping at our highly popular coffee mornings, anything at all to help keep this DA great.  If you have ideas for new sites, please contact Martin, and if you have any ideas for entertainment etc contact Peter Rigby, our social activities co-ordinator.  Thanks.

We are looking for kind hearted members who may have some spare time & a tow bar, the day before a DA Meet where we need the MQ / Trailer bringing out in the future. This will also have to be returned Sun /Mon after the Meet.  Our trailer is stored on a secure site on the Wirral.

We are in great need of help for this scheme and would like to hear from anyone who can oblige, otherwise we will have to review the use of MQs at special weekends.

Photos -  as has been stressed in the past, if you do not wish to have yours or your family's photographs on our website  could you please inform whoever is taking photographs of the DA at the time - it's not only me who takes photos remember! then steps can be taken to exclude you from group photos whenever possible. Thanks.


Below is important information for anyone interested in our NFOLs, including answers to questions asked at our own AGM on Saturday 18th February 2017.  Also included is a list of THS near the site.  This was sent to all DA Secretaries from Harry Leach, South Eastern Region Vice Chairman and PRO.  This was copied and pasted directly from the letter send to Tracey.


A lot has been happening since my last update in September 2016 therefore I thought it was time to bring everybody up to date with the ongoing event development. I would be extremely grateful if you could ensure that this is circulated around your membership.

Our entertainments officer has worked very hard to ensure that all ages and tastes have been considered with the main principle in mind that this is a family event and therefore ensuring that all the family have been catered for. Full details will be published soon.

Our trade officer has also been and continues to be working hard to sign up local and national traders to attend for one day only (alongside those who will be there for the whole event) thereby maximising the utilisation of the available space and providing a greater variety of trade outlets throughout the weekend for our members to enjoy. It will be well worth a daily visit to the trade area or you may miss a great item.
There will be a mobile Caravan repair person on site during the event.

Everybody should have now received the full details for the “Club Campsite Cook of the Year” competition and local heats I am sure will already be being organised with the finals to be held at the NFOL 2017. I am sure that this event which has been sponsored by Cadac will be huge success.

Whilst I was at the 2016 NFOL I was asked to if I could provide information regarding the availability of public transport at the various THS’s around our region. I have therefore compiled the various details and appended them to this update. Timetables will be able to be provided by the onsite stewards (or General Enquiries at the NFOL 2017).

A selection of local attractions as displayed at Malvern can be found on page 12 of the February club magazine and full details of the THS’s can be found on pages 104 and 105 of the same magazine.

Booking forms are available in your January and February club magazine, block booking forms will be held by a designated officer for your DA/Section.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to Sussex and we will all do our very best to ensure that you have a most enjoyable time with us.

Yours faithfully
Harry Leach
South Eastern Region

Vice Chairman & PRO
February 2017
NFOL 2017 Hickstead

Temporary Holiday Sites

24 to 28 August NFOL 2017 Hickstead BN6 9HS
Northbound 100m north of main Entrance
Compas Nr 100 – To Burgess Hill
Metrobus Nr 273 – To Crawley
Southbound 500m south of main gate
Compas Nr 100 – To Horsham via Henfield, Pulborough, and Billingshurst Metrobus Nr 273 – To Brighton

11th August – 24th August 2017
Paddock Wood Farm, BN5 9AG, Approx 3 miles from NFOL.
Eastbound 350m from site Entrance outside pub
Compas Nr 100 –To Burgess Hill
Westbound 350m from site Entrance outside pub
Compas Nr 100 –To Horsham via Henfield, Pulborough, and Billingshurst

12th August – 4th September 2017
Maplehurst Farm, RH13 6RB, Approx 8 miles from NFOL.
Northbound 400 m south of site Entrance
Compas Nr 108 – To Horsham
Southbound 400m south of site Entrance
Compas Nr 108 – To Shoreham

17th August – 29th August 2017
Old Dairy Farm, TN22 3RT, Approx 14 miles from NFOL.
Nearest bus service is Danehill circa 2.5Km north, other bus services are school days only
11th August – 24th August 2017 Sharnfold Farm Stone Cross, BN24 5BU, Approx 31 miles from NFOL.
On Airshow weekends buses to Eastbourne stop on request at the end of the farm track
Alternatively, there are services from Stone Cross circa 750m running between Hailsham & Eastbourne

NFOL 2017 Hickstead

Temporary Holiday Sites
25th August – 3rd September 2017
Great Wigsell Farm, TN32 5SP Approx 38 miles from NFOL. Please note corrected postcode.
The nearest bus service is in Bodiam circa 2.50 Km

11th August – 3rd September 2017
Rectory Farm, PO18 8QB, Approx 38 miles from NFOL.
A Nr 56 bus to central Chichester can be found circa 375m from the farm entrance 28th July – 28th August 2017 Wylands Farm, TN33 0SU, Approx 41 miles from NFOL.
The nearest bus service is in Battle circa 2.75 Km

17th August – 28th August 2017
Hole Park, TN17 4JB, Approx 67 miles from NFOL.
A bus will stop on request at the entrance to the park.
28th July to 24th of August 2017 – Our neighbours Solent DA are running a THS at Sunnyside House, Yapton Rd Barham West Sussex PO22 0AX MR 197/964042 £7.50 PUN plus £2.50 per extra adult MR 197/964042 Approx 33 miles from NFOL
Compas Nr 66 to Bognor is circa 225m from the site entrance