Information about the forthcoming DA AGM

We have been informed by HQ that all DA and Section AGM’s MUST be virtual and that they must conform to the quorum, which is fifteen attendees, two of whom must be Executive members (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary).

The Club advise, and many DA’s have already published, that 15 is the minimum and maximum number, and we shall operate in much the same way.

For your information, the Club has recently held its National AGM with only members of the Management Committee ‘virtually’ present. No other National Councillor nor ordinary members were present, and it lasted just over 10 minutes.

What this means is that our usual AGM will not occur. The virtual AGM will be held on the same date and time as already advertised in the Club Magazine’s ‘Out and About’.

The meeting will follow very strict lines, only presentation and approval of reports and accounts plus election to Committee results and appointments will be included. There will be no discussion nor debate and the Election of Officers will take place in a separate meeting immediately after the close of business at the AGM, attended by the Committee only. It may well be that the DA invites members other than committee to attend the AGM, i.e., Auditor and Webmaster and the DA President.

There can be no discussion of any social activity and so the draw for the winning, completed ‘Loyalty Card’ will be drawn at the meeting following. The good news is that because of the Covid crisis, we are extending the expiry date by twelve months. 

Anyone interested in joining the committee is asked to submit a nomination form, available on request from myself. We would also ask that any members who would like anything brought to our attention that would normally be brought up in the Open Discussion after the AGM, to submit to us PRIOR to the AGM so that we able to give it our fullest attention and enabling us to properly assess it after the AGM has finished.

If you know of any member that is not a member of our Facebook group or who doesn’t frequent our website, then please pass as much information as you can to them.

I’m sorry that this is so formal, but we must ensure the safety of everyone, and we act on the sound advice of the Club and HQ Staff.