Liverpool and South West Lancs DA was formed in 1921 and has since been a proud and active part of the Club and its NorthWest Region.

The members organise a variety of meets during the year and intend to make everyone feel welcome. DA camping gives the freedom to camp in many otherwise inaccessible places, often not far from home, without having to book months in advance – and importantly- at a reasonable cost.

Organisers and stewards are all volunteers so feel free to muck in and lend a hand!


“We can confirm that we are planning  for the Llangollen THS to go ahead subject to final approval and club guidelines.

We will publish details nearer the end of this month on our website and Facebook.

No advance bookings are being taken at the moment.”


Not only do Stewards enjoy a free weekend it’s a worthwhile and fun experience.  If you would like more information please contact Les via email ‘here….’ or via the LSWLDA Facebook Page.  You can also find a Stewards Guide ‘Download here…’ which just goes to prove how easy stewarding is…