It’s Great News


Hi everyone, it’s great news that we can begin to go back to our favourite hobby and see the sites we have all missed so much.Various Regions, DAs and Sections have implemented their own rules based on Club and Government guidelines.

There are of course, variations based on their personnel, sites and working practices and they suit the folks who are issuing them.However, whilst a lot of these units have published these ‘rules’ for DA meets and THSs, each may be slightly different, but let me assure you that we have taken on board the vast experience of our Stewards, particularly our upcoming THS at Llangollen.

Our Stewards have published an agreed procedure and have adequate PPE which satisfies their needs for maintaining a safe environment as well as doing everything that we, and they, can do to ensure not only your safety but your opportunity to relax and have an enjoyable holiday knowing these procedures are in place.

We recommend members read them before setting off and download or print them off at home in order to comply with site-specific risk assessments.

As this is such a beautiful site, we expect our regulars and many more visitors but we have the extra room available.

If ever there was a place to relax, this is it!

Please enjoy your stay with us at Llangollen from the 7th thru to 31st August